Japanese Wagyu and Chef's Knife

Wagyu is a breed of Japanese cattle that is renowned for its rich flavor and marbling. In Japanese, the word Wagyu literally means “Japanese Cow.” The most famous type of Wagyu beef is Kobe Beef, the expensive Japanese delicacy that is rarely found outside of Japan. Wagyu is also raised in Australia, the USA, and around the world. Regarded as some of the best beef in the world, 100% Fullblood Wagyu Beef is a gourmet product that ranks alongside Caviar, Truffles, and Jamon Iberico de Bellota.

In the USA and other regions, Wagyu is commonly crossbred with other breeds of cattle, such as Angus, creating different classifications of Wagyu. Generally speaking, the higher the percentage of Wagyu genetics, the more prevalent the Wagyu characteristics will be.

At Lone Mountain Wagyu, we are proud to exclusively raise 100% Fullblood Wagyu cattle that have never been crossbred. We individually DNA-Certify each of our cattle to ensure direct lineage to its Japanese heritage.

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Wagyu or Kobe?

Short Answer: All Kobe is Wagyu but not all Wagyu is Kobe

Long Answer: As demand for Wagyu has increased in the USA, so has confusion about what Wagyu is. For example, percentage Wagyu beef is sometimes called “American Kobe,” which is inaccurate and can be misleading.

Wagyu is the breed of cattle and can be raised anywhere in the world. Kobe is a place, a city in Japan. Kobe beef is beef from Wagyu cattle that were born, raised, and slaughtered with specific practices in the Hyogo Prefecture—the capital of which is Kobe—and meet very strict guidelines. Kobe beef is from cattle that have never been crossbred, maintaining pure Wagyu cattle genetics.