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Japanese Wagyu Beef for Sale Online

From singular roasts to monthly mouthwatering packages full of fresh meat, ordering wagyu beef online has never been easier. At Lone Mountain, we bring you full-blood wagyu beef for sale online that has been raised at our New Mexico cattle ranch. Mail-order your favorite cut of wagyu from our selection online, and we’ll deliver our highest quality roasts, steaks, or other desired cut of meat right to your door.

Superior to other cuts of beef, wagyu beef is the crème de la crème of meat. Due to its higher levels of intra-muscular fat, the marbling and meat texture are much finer. This results in a rich, buttery taste that you can’t find anywhere else. At Lone Mountain, we are proud of our variety of wagyu beef for sale.

From ground meat to wagyu sausage, we can provide you with a delicious meat choice at your doorstep. Taste the unique flavors today by browsing our selection of Japanese wagyu online.

Featured in Departures Magazine

Lone Mountain’s Western-style ranching of the rarefied Japanese breed produces happy cows and truly extraordinary steaks.

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Lone Mountain produces the best Wagyu I have ever tasted. Having had the opportunity to tour the Ranch and speak with the family, I know how passionate they are about the beef they raise. I don’t know of any other Ranch that has gone through such great lengths to research and develop a heard of this pedigree and quality. The steaks are not only well marbled, they also have a refined flavor and unparalleled tenderness.

Chef John Cox, formerly of Post Ranch Inn, Big Sur, CA


We're bringing the restaurant home to you

For the first time ever, we're making some of our restaurant-exclusive cuts available to home consumers. Some of these cuts are only found in the most highly-rated restaurants in the country. Now, you too can enjoy some of our most sought-after, high quality, restaurant coveted Wagyu Beef in the comfort of your home.

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The only way to really eat life to the fullest is to get specially curated boxes of it delivered right to your door four times a year. Oh... and to save around $50 on each of those boxes. Oh... and to get an extra 10% of any other orders of wagyu beef for sale online. Oh... and to get more exclusive offers. Yeah... that’s it. Enjoy.

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