Discover What Umami Tastes Like

Sweet. Sour. Bitter Salty. Chances are you find it easy to identify four of the five tastes that the human tongue can process. But what, exactly, are the characteristics of the fifth? How do we describe the elusive umami?

This savory, rich, earthy flavor is found all around us, in a variety of foods. While especially prevalent in Japanese cuisine - seaweed, soy sauce, broths - it's also unveiled in heirloom tomatoes, parmesan cheese, truffles, and asparagus. This "pleasant savory taste" as translated from Japanese, is the subtle sensation that's hard to characterize but impossible to ignore.
When it comes to protein, no food best exemplifies umami than a well marbled steak. With an abundance of delicate, white lacy fat, Fullblood Wagyu is the epitome of umami in meat.

Now experience the flavor of the Fifth Taste with our richly marbled Fullblood Waygu

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