The Lone Mountain Ranch has been in our family for over 50 years.

Acquired in 1965 by Marion and Glen Lloyd, the Ranch served as the stomping grounds for the extended family while they raised various breeds of commercial cattle. Mary Lloyd Estrin and her husband Robert (Bob) Estrin took the reins of the Ranch in the mid-90s, spending cherished time on the land while cultivating a new legacy for the Ranch. After experiencing Wagyu beef at a Santa Monica restaurant in 2004, Bob knew the future of the family Ranch lay on his plate. In 2005, Bob purchased his first two 100% Fullblood Wagyu Bulls, transitioning the entire herd from conventional cattle to 100% Fullblood Wagyu by 2008.

In 2010 the restaurant and consumer arm of the business was launched, bringing our 100% Fullblood Wagyu beef directly to the kitchens of professional and hobby gourmet chefs alike. Since then we have been growing both our herd and consumer offerings, launching our award-winning 100% Fullblood Sausages and Beef Jerky online and in gourmet retailers in 2014.

Our Land

Located in Golden, New Mexico, between Santa Fe and Albuquerque on the historic Turquoise Trail, the Lone Mountain Ranch is a treasured and enchanting swath of land. Nestled between the San Pedro and Oritz Mountain ranges, this 27,000-acre plot is a vibrant ecosystem anchored by the lone mountain that guards the valley. We value this very special place as a piece of our heritage and take great care in nurturing it. 

Our Team

Robert (Bob) Estrin, President

Favorite Cut of Wagyu: NY Strip
Originally from New Mexico, Bob built a career as an acclaimed Hollywood film editor for classic films including The Candidate, Badlands, and A River Runs Through It. Since inheriting the family business, Bob has immersed himself in learning everything he can about Wagyu—traveling to Japan, studying historical texts, and serving as the President of the American Wagyu Association in 2011. He is currently translating the definitive text (roughly translated as) The 100 Greatest Wagyu of Japan in efforts to educate the industry on the history of Wagyu and its future in America.

Griff Foxley, Strategic Advisor

Favorite Cut of Wagyu: NY Strip
Griff, Bob and MGriff Foxleyary’s son-in-law, joined the family business in 2007. Born with a passion for food, as a toddler Griff was known to pull exotic delicacies like pate and haddock off his parents table. His career started out in the gourmet mecca of New York on the editorial team of the popular dining guide, Zagat Survey. Griff now resides in Los Angeles and holds an MBA in Sustainability Management. His passion for the land, and for exquisite, conscientious food experiences has driven the company’s values of excellence. He loves cooking for his wife and two young kids, running, writing, and family time.

Reid Martin, Chief Operating Officer 

Favorite Cut of Wagyu: Short Rib

Reid grew up wiReid Martinth beef in his blood on his family ranch and dairy farm in Northern California near the Oregon border. He made his first trade for a beef heifer with his Dad when he was 9 years-old and has never looked back. Before joining the LMW team, Reid worked for nearly 10 years in the grass-fed beef industry out of San Francisco.  Before that, he enjoyed 2 years working and living in Japan as an English teacher with the JET Program. That is where Reid developed his appreciation for Wagyu, Japanese cuisine and culture which of course he still loves today!  Reid lives in San Francisco with his wife, 2 kids and his big green egg.  He is most passionate about beef, food and wine, travel and skiing (combining all is his favorite).  He loves his work at Lone Mountain!


Sindi Torres, Manager of Operations & Customer Relations

Favorite Cut of Wagyu: Flat Iron & Ribeye

Sindi ConcebidaSindi grew up on a small family farm just north of Los Angeles, CA. Her family raised chickens, goats, and horses, giving her a profound understanding of the importance of sustainability and ethically raising animals. She holds a degree in Psychology and previously worked as a Research Assistant at the Cognitive Development Lab at UC Riverside. As a native Angeleno, Sindi has had the opportunity to experience a world of culinary delight. Her favorite foods include Tonkotsu Ramen and Caccio e Pepe. Outside of the office and off the farm, Sindi can be found playing tennis or on the trail. She is an ultra marathoner and can usually be found running in her local mountains.


“Wagyu is like the world’s great wines & cheeses. It reflects the people who raised it.”
- Mark Schatzker, America’s Wagyu Trail