100% Fullblood Wagyu Beef Shipped Direct to Your Kitchen

Our Story

Small but strong, our family Ranch is the leading 100% Fullblood Wagyu operation in the country. Our commitment to quality and family is always our priority.

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Our Land

We honor our land as a spiritual and sacred place, doing our part to ensure the vitality of its wondrous ecosystem for generations to come.

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Holistic Ranching

We follow practices that nurture our land, environment, and animals. From a Rotational Pasture System to wind and solar powered equipment, we keep it smart and simple.

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100% Fullblood Wagyu

A special breed of cattle hailing from Japan naturally predisposed to produce beef that is densely marbled. We maintain Fullblood Wagyu genetics and DNA-certify our cattle to ensure purity of Japanese heritage.

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Authentic Quality

Grown with integrity by breeding practices cultivated with a craftsman’s attention to detail. Our mission is to product the purest, highest quality Wagyu in the country.

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Beyond Prime

100% Fullblood, directly traceable to it’s Japanese heritage and DNA-Certified. Never cross-bred with other types of cattle. This ensures our beef consistently reaches the heights of quality.

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Raised humanely and naturally, for the good of the animals, the sanctity of our land, and the health of our customers. Never fed hormones or subtherapeutic antibiotics.

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Heart Healthy

Uniquely high concentration of Omega fatty acids. Heart healthy, nutrient dense protein that tastes like an indulgence.

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