What To Consider When Hosting a Dinner Party

backyard dinner party

When you decide to host a dinner party, a few questions pop into your head: who will you invite? What drinks will you serve? The dinner itself is obviously the focal point of the gathering, but the other factors will enhance your guests’ enjoyment of the meal. Here are a few things to consider when hosting a dinner party; set yourself up for soiree success!

The Ideal Guest List

Look at your dinner table. How many people does it comfortably seat? (If your dinner table has an extender, this number can vary.) Start compiling a...

Types of Sausages From Around the World

Types of Sausages From Around the World

Food is culture—is it not? Each person grows up in the world eating the foods of their culture. What we eat becomes a deep part of who we are as an expression of our shared cultural identity. Our cuisine weaves cultural roots into our current generations within various communities, regions, and countries. These roots will be passed on to future generations, even in a different time and place.

The cuisine of a country or community reflects its values, its habits, its history, its lifestyles, and its beliefs. We can think of...

How To Get Out of Your Cooking Rut

Are your daily meals too dull, too repetitive, and far too predictable? Consider the following ideas to help inspire you when you’re stuck in a cooking rut.