Specialty Wagyu Beef

Specialty Wagyu Beef Cuts

Stay tuned for the greatest multi-sensory feast of a lifetime.
From the mouthwatering aroma to marbling perfection, every bite of our specialty wagyu beef cuts is extraordinary. We sell restaurant-grade full blood wagyu that has been ethically and sustainably raised at our New Mexico cattle ranch. All products are sold online and shipped directly to you.

For the curious beef connoisseurs out there, we have a unique treat for you. Our specialty wagyu beef cut selection has premium wagyu that you have not heard of or tried before. This includes the greatest beef jerky you’ll every try, kebob-ready cuts, and various steaks and roasts.


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  • Beef Jerky

    Beef Jerky

    from $ 25.98

    C'mon... it's Wagyu Beef Jerky... how can you say no?

  • Short Ribs

    Short Ribs

    $ 96.00

    Our Short Ribs do not have a Napoleon complex... they're just that good

  • Beef Back Ribs

    Beef Back Ribs

    from $ 210.00

    Whatever you do with our Wagyu Ribs is fine by us

  • Top Sirloin Kebab

    Get your sword out and commence the Wagyu shish kebab!

  • Coulotte Roast

    Coulotte Roast

    from $ 55.00

    You're only a few clicks away from your new favorite cut

  • E-Gift Card

    E-Gift Card

    from $ 100.00

    The gift of Wagyu will grant you eternal gratitude

  • Bavette Steak

    Bavette Steak

    from $ 69.00

    C'mon, just click on me. You know you wanna'

  • Quarantine & Grill Set

  • Yup. You read that right. The mighty Outside Skirt Steak is here to sweep you off your feet

  • We wanted to write and tell you 'Shanks for the memories' but we were told we couldn't

  • Epicurean is a connoisseur of a life well-eaten