Wagyu Beef Sausage

Ready for something new? We’ve got the perfect choice for you. We’ve created the ultimate gourmet sausage that will please any palate. Our wagyu beef sausages for sale online are made from the finest selection of wagyu beef. We use a special blend of filet mignon, striploin, ribeye, flat iron, brisket, and ground beef to make our wagyu sausage. What you won’t find in our delicacy? Fillers, hormones, preservatives, gluten, or other unwanted additives that may be found in mass-produced links. We keep it simple to give you the best, and perhaps only, full-blood wagyu beef sausage available. Select your preference below and we’ll have it delivered securely packaged to your door.


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  • Our sausages are the link to a life well-eaten

  • Quarter Pound Patties & Sausage Combo

    The only thing you need for a barbecue well-eaten