Summer Deals on Wagyu Beef

Mail-Order Wagyu Beef Summer Specials

This is not your average grocery store selection of specialty beef cuts. Our 100% wagyu beef comes from carefully bred and raised cattle at our ranch in New Mexico. Some of our most mouth-wateringly delicious cuts are featured in our mail-order wagyu beef summer specials collection.

What’s a cookout without delicious grilled meats? Add premium cuts of Wagyu beef to your menu to accompany your homemade side dishes! When you offer everything from easy grilling sets to Wagyu ribeye steak sets, your guests won’t get enough of the buttery flavor Wagyu offers. With our summer deals on Wagyu beef, you can enjoy family bundles for a reasonable price.

The selection of wagyu cuts or sets has been curated to enhance your backyard cookout. Whether you’re a home cook or trained chef, you and your loved ones will certainly enjoy these Lone Mountain wagyu specials.

View available summer deals on Wagyu beef below or explore non-seasonal cuts and sets from the product menu.


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  • Easy Grilling Wagyu Beef Summer Set

  • Wagyu Steak Summer Set

  • Wagyu Ribeye Steak Set - Turquoise Trail Edition

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